America Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan

A new innovation is coming to the world. The news is that the United States has withdrawn its troops from Afghanistan and is now preparing to strengthen the Afghan government. Imran Khan and Pakistan, as well as China and Russia, played an important role. If the United States leaves here, the Taliban intend to strengthen their government, which will result in the establishment of an Islamic government in Afghanistan will reflect the ideology of all Islam and its reflection. India has got a lot of worries about what will happen to our India if the United States withdraws from Afghanistan. India has been at the forefront in worsening the situation all over the world.

The Taliban have seized control of much of Afghanistan, with the result that they have stated that Afghanistan's territory will no longer be used for any other country, but in many countries, such as India and the United States. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya, "he said, adding that he will not be able to come to Afghanistan and take over. Ajat and will come from our will then we also give him full protection۔

For the past 20 years, the United States and its allies have been returning from the war in Afghanistan, which is a welcome development. It will bring peace to all countries and they will pay more attention to their respective countries. Now we are seeing a lot of interest in Afghanistan that we will come here and do a lot of infrastructures so that more jobs can be created here.

The time has come for the hidden treasures in Afghanistan to come out now. The former president of the United States did a very good job of fulfilling what he said and now he is coming out of here. Is asking but everyone is refusing because there is still someone in America who does not want peace here now many countries of the world want us to build a world together which is the cradle of peace Where there is happiness, there is complete freedom.