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 Nowadays, listening to music has become a common thing, but have you ever wondered if listening to your music is bothering you or not, so we have brought you a headphone that blows without a wire. Toth can connect to headphones via your mobile or laptop and you can play your music openly.

  • This allows you to easily remove any additional sound and play music
  • This is the best way to make any noisy music or enjoy the sounds coming from outside.
  • Alexa gives you a good product
  • A dual microphone that intercepts sound coming from outside makes a clear sound to you
  • It has a button that can be used to increase or decrease the volume
  • You can integrate it with Blue Tooth by making some changes to its system
  • It can be easily connected with Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Laptop and Blue Tooth
  • Its sound quality will make you enjoy and you can enjoy any sound or music anywhere from the buffer system.

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